Video Slots

Video slots are virtual versions of mechanical slot machines and have been around ever since online casinos started showing up in the market. The very first video slot machine was developed by a company called Fortune Coin Co. in 1976. This revolutionary machine used a modified 48 cm Sony colour receiver for the display. In modern times, as technology advanced, online video slots came to be. With online video slots, the level of customization expanded, and online casinos were able to offer unique variations on the traditional slot game experience.

A Visual Representation Of Video Slots

Types Of Video Slots

One of the factors which make video slots so popular, and makes them the most advanced on the market are the wide variations in themes. Themes range from fairy tales to recent events, cinema successes, to ancient civilizations, focusing on popular Egyptian gods, Chinese folklore, and Nordic mythology. Whether the developer decides to make one from a comic book character, or base one on a hit TV show, the potential topics and themes are endless. Every year major companies develop new and exciting ideas for these machines, setting them further and further apart from there mechanical counterparts. Additionally, the video-based machines stand apart from their counterparts through the robust features, some featuring more playable lines, an ever-increasing number of mini-games, and more overall opportunities to win for the player.

Video Slots, Fun For Everyone!

No matter who you are, or where you hail from, slot machines are a fun and engaging way to spend your time. The accessibility of having video slots online on your computer, or mobile device, and in person in restaurants and bars, makes it a truly convenient way to play. For more fun, visit video slots to play.